About Us

Far East Precious Metal (HK) Limited is a member of the Golden Soar Limited International Group. The Group has strong abilities and a wide range of businesses including financial investment services, wealth management, immigration investment, mining production and commodity trading, etc. The subsidiary, Far East Precious Metal is an electronic trading firm accredited by the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society. It specializes in providing professional online investment services on precious metals for global investors and holds a valid business license for A1 market transactions. It can operate 99 gold and HKD kilograms. London gold / silver, local silver and other businesses.

Far East Precious Metal is a diversified financial services organization that provides up-to-date investment channels and products for customers by means of combining the diversified global investment experience with the superior environment of Hong Kong international financial center and its parent company. We are committed to providing professional, reliable, high-quality and fast information services to our clients with the aim of dedicated service, so that customers can capture investment opportunities in real time.

At present, Far East has become the leading international financial services organization in the Greater China and Hong Kong. It has a high reputation in the Chinese investment and wealth management industry and a good market reputation. Far East has a large customer base and a wide range of agency partners, covering China, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore and other countries and regions. It is rooted in China and has a global perspective. Far East Precious Metal has developed into an international investment service brand with global coverage for its customers. It is the most trusted precious metal service provider for its customers.

Adhering to the business philosophy of “sharing, mutual benefit, high efficiency, and wealth creation”, Far East Precious Metal has established an excellent talent team and an international capital allocation channel. It is committed to creating the most superior platform for partners to create wealth. In order to meet the individualized needs of different stages of partners’ development, we will design integrated solutions to help our partners to develop standardized, large-scale and internationalized development paths. By doing so, we will be able to achieve the goal of creating wealth together and achieving win-win results.