Far East Mining

Far East Group has the same advantages as large-scale joint venture holding mining groups and has reached a cooperative relationship with a number of mining group enterprises. The mineral resources include overseas South African minerals, US minerals and Russian mineral resources, etc. It controls the chain industry from mining to terminal sales. Cooperating with cooperative group companies, it participates in exploration, mining, mineral processing, smelting, processing and sales. By focusing on the development of integrated large-scale enterprises, it strives to build China's leading gold producers and one of the largest integrated terminal sales service companies. In recent years, Far East Group has adhered to the advantages of technology leadership, management innovation and service priority, continuously enhancing the company's technological advantages, cost advantages in the field of gold production, and strengthening the regional advantages of optimizing service advantages in the field of gold sales. At the same time, based on the development trend, Far East Group actively participates in the integration of industry resources and implements the strategy of resource expansion. It expands its agents and franchisees for the nationwide operation area and further increases its resource reserves.

Mining survey

Mining surveys require a professional geological survey team. The foundation is geological science theory. The basis is the organization and research on a large number of field geological observations and indoor geological data. The methods include geological survey, earth-less exploration, geochemistry prospecting, drilling engineering, sampling test , processing tests and other means. Once the geological and mineral resources are obtained, the mineral reserves and the mining and smelting conditions can be proved, and the economic evaluation ore deposit can be conducted.

Mining of mining industry

After the first step of the team survey, the selective collection and handling of mineral raw materials can be carried out, including: mining, preliminary mining cutting, stoping, transport, and upgrading, etc.

Mineral separation of mining industry<

As minerals have different physical and chemical properties, the useful minerals and gangrenes in the ore can be separated by using various processing equipment. In this way, the useful minerals can be gathered.

Smelting of mining industry

The metal in minerals is extracted by roasting, smelting, electrolysis and using chemical agents to reduce the impurities contained in the metal or to increase a certain component of the metal. Then the required metal can be smelted. Smelting includes crude refining and refining. Crude refined products are gold mud and alloy gold, while refined products are finished product gold which meets the requirements of gold exchange.

Sales of mining industry<

Gold is processed into nuggets, bars, foils, spuns and alloys and produced into jewelry and gold salt, etc. The products are used for consumer demand or industrial use, and they are sold to the end customers. With the cost advantages of a whole production – processing – sales chain, Far East Group is to create a new round of sales that leads the gold industry.