Guide to deposit and withdrawal

Company bank account at Hang Seng Bank:

Company name:Far East Precious Metal (HK) Limited

Payee bank name:Hang Seng Bank LTD.

Payee bank address:83 Des Voeux Road, Central,Hong Kong.

Payee bank account:024-394-299168-883


Deposit method One

1、Click on the real account interface (deposit withdrawal)。

2、Remit money into Hang Seng Bank account through a third-party payment platform。

Deposit method Two

1、The customer directly sends the money to the Hang Seng Bank account (the remittance bank account must be the same as the bank information used at the registration of real account)。

2、Send the remittance e-receipt form (the real account with the deposit) to the email address: [email protected]


1、Click on the real account interface (deposit withdrawal). In order to avoid delays in withdrawal, please confirm the bank account information before submitting the withdrawal instruction, and the withdrawal amount will be saved back to your registered bank account. The withdrawal currency is the same as the currency of the bank account you registered

2、The withdrawal account information must be consistent with the information provided on the bank card and ID card. The customer must also provide the name of the province, city and bank branch of the bank to be withdrawn, otherwise it will not be accepted

3、After the withdrawal application is submitted successfully, it will be processed in a timely manner. The time of receiving the money is subject to the withdrawal time of the withdrawal bank, and the specific time depends on the receiving time of the receiving bank. The withdrawal service will not be processed on holidays and weekends

4、If the withdrawal is not in RMB, the company shall pay the withdrawal by wire transfer. The administrative expenses required by the branch bank, transfer bank and receiving bank will be deducted from the withdrawal amount

5、If 40% of the total deposit amount has not been used for opening a position transaction or has not been opened for trading after the last deposit, a fee of 3% will be charged as a handling fee; if a single withdrawal is less than US$50, a US$3 withdrawal will be charged. fee. For example, if customer A enters US$10,000 in a single transaction, the transaction volume of US$4,000 or more will be established for multiple times (the transaction volume is calculated by accumulation), and the handling fee is borne by the company. If the amount is smaller than US$4,000, it is at the customer's expense