Transfer advantage
Gold has the property of avoiding risks and maintaining values. As the awareness of the characteristics of gold is deepening and due to the current uncertainties in the financial market, in recent years, governments have been weak in regulation of financial markets, which leads to frequent inflation. In the markets of various countries, such as the European and American countries after the financial tsunami and the European debt crisis, the euro had de-rating, and the dollar sharply depreciated. In the case of frequent inflation, people are looking for safe objects to protect themselves and abandoning banknotes. For this reason gold becomes a popular and the best medium against inflation. The phenomenon of currency depreciation is currently erupting in many countries. For example, the depreciation rate of paper money in many countries in South America continues to accelerate. People are eager to exchange banknotes for real objects to maintain the value. At this moment, the price of gold will increase as a result of population. As a conclusion, if the asset is to be preserved in an inflationary capital society, the most effective way is to make limited investment and management of gold.

Unlike the stock market, the gold market is an international market, where the news and information are relatively transparent, and it is difficult for a few market operators to operate. Therefore, the gold market has clearer trading information than the stock market and is easy for investors to get the information. As the stock market has regional natures, there is always a suspicion that the market operation is controlled by a few dealers. The precious metal gold market is currently a global investment market. Since the major investment markets in Europe, the Americas and Asia are coherent, the gold market has been made global. At present, there is no bank or consortium that has enough strength and sufficient funds to unilaterally manipulate the price changes of the gold market. Although at the beginning of the opening of the gold market, sometimes the price is suspected to be subject to the short-term control of a few market makers. But afterwards the gold price will move toward rational ups and downs, and the phenomenon of abnormally rising or falling may not exist for a long time. The change in price of gold will still be fluctuated by the normal demand of gold and the changes in supply and demand. The gold market has international characteristics, and speculative funds are difficult to make a market. This creates a relatively fair and transparent environment for gold trading for investors. Investing in gold has a better guarantee for investors.

Because the international gold market includes Europe, the United States and the Asian markets, the trading hours of the major gold markets are interconnected. To a certain extent, there is no strict limit on the trading hours of international gold. For example, the specific time for trading in Hong Kong's gold market is from 09:00 in the morning to 02:30 in the early morning of the second day, and the winter time is around 03:30. During the trading of the Hong Kong gold market, investors can trade effectively with Hong Kong local funds and London gold. In general, the major international gold markets are opened in the order of Asian gold market, the European gold market and the US gold market, which is opened in the evening. This allows investors to trade gold for 24 hours. In the whole-day trading process, investors who enter the market can buy and sell gold at any time. The purchase can be made at an appropriate low position, and the profit can be obtained at a high position. In addition, in the international trading market of gold, there is no system for setting a falling limit and a raising limit, which makes the investment of gold investors well protected. There is no need to worry about the unnecessary losses caused by late operation instructions in the situation of sharp rise and fall in the price fluctuations.