Gold value preservation
In general, when people need cash flow and cash to deal with current debt problems, they will choose to sell or mortgage items in exchange for cash flow. To solve the problem of insufficient funds, it is generally necessary to temporarily solve the problem through pawn goods and debt. Whether they can borrow money from the bank, or whether their loaning behavior is successful depends on the credit of the borrower and the history of past debt repayments. Besides whether the borrowed amount is enough is also a question. At this time, if you have gold, it is easier to exchange gold as a pawn for goods.

At present, the number and variety of items available for pawn are numerous. Gold is also a pawn as well as antiques such as calligraphy and painting, jewelry and other items. However, due to the large number of counterfeits such as calligraphy and antiques on the market, pawn shops sometimes do not accept such goods as collateral, but gold is indeed an item that many pawn shops are willing to accept. Because the quality of gold can be easily verified. The only thing needed to know the value of gold is a copy of purity certificate. Compared with other pawn collateral, gold is a kind of valuable item that is widely recognized by people, and there are many buyers. When the pawn is gold, a general pawnshop will give short-term loans of up to 90% or more for gold, while the highest loan amount of other stocks and valuable items will not be higher than 70%.