Trading Rules
• Interest

London gold is determined by market interest rate London silver is determined by market interest rate

• Contract unit / per hand

London gold 100 ounces per hand London silver 5,000 ounces per hand

• Lowest price volatility

London gold $0.01 per ounce London silver $0.01 per ounce

• Margin (per hand)

London Gold is 2% of the value of each hand London Silver is 3% of the value of each hand

• Trading limit / Stop loss order

The acceptable distance market price on JAVA platform is outside $2, and for MT4 platform it is outside $2.5

• Trading time (Beijing time)

Trading hours: The trading lasts from 8:00 am every Monday to 4:00 am on Saturdays. Under normal circumstances, most of the US economic data release period is after 20:30 of each trading day, and at this period the market has the biggest fluctuations. Besides, 15:00 and 00:00 are also relatively active trading hours. Note: Tuesday to Friday from 4:00 am to 4:20 am is the settlement time. On Saturday it is 3:00 (summer time) and 04:00 (winter time). It is not possible to trade (except international holidays).

• When is the transaction settled every day?

At the end of the day, all open positions will be automatically transferred to the next day. Concerning all open positions will be transferred to the next day, the customer has to pay an interest. The interest will be calculated on Wednesday, and the interest will be deducted from the customer's account.

• Interest

LLS: multiple orders 2.75%; empty orders 0.25%

LLG: multiple orders 3.00%; empty orders 0.00%

The interest rate will be determined according to the market and announced in the system. Position overnight: All overnight positions are subject to a certain amount of interest, which will be charged in accordance with international banking practice and will be reflected in the client's trading account in Hong Kong time on the next business day. The settlement time is from 4:00 am to 4:20 from Tuesday to Friday, and it is at 03:00 (summer time) and 04:00 (winter time) on Saturday.

• Skip and close the position

All limit orders or stop orders may make a deal at a high price or break the price

When the effective ratio reaches or falls below 20%, the java platform system will automatically help the customer to lower the used margin for the lock order, thereby reducing the customer's loss, which is the forced lock position.

When the effective ratio reaches 10%, the java platform system will perform a forced close out.

MT4 platform: When the account net value is less than 20% of the occupied funds, the system will force a close out.

• Spreads / ounces

London gold is $0.50 per ounce London silver is $0.04 per ounce

Affected by the volatility and liquidity of the trading market, when the market is volatile or the market liquidity is insufficient, the market risk will increase. In order to reduce the risk generated by the market fluctuations experienced by customers, the platform gold trading spread of the company will be widened to 0.7 US dollars; London silver trading spread will be extended to 0.05 US dollars.

Spread widening will occur in the following situations:

The market is volatile, that means the period after the release of important information by the market (such as non-agricultural data) or the announcement of major news (usually the period 30 minutes before the announcement and 15 minutes after the announcement).

Insufficient market liquidity, that means, irregular trading fluctuations or gaps in the US market closing time, which is from 03:00 am to 07:00 am (summer time) and 04:00 am-07:00 am (winter time) in the morning from Tuesday to Friday in Beijing time.

• Fee (per hand)

London gold is $50 per hand London silver is $50 per hand